amanda moore
asked 10 years ago

I had created the layouts for the custom post types/layouts question and answers used your install/config instructions and still got the error. Your plugin was mentioned on managewp and i can see you are a professional outfit. I know its a free plugin but really need this functionality would be happy if it was premium. But does it work or is it an ongoing problem with the current version 1.1?
Understad if it is and we have a site where once i prove it will use with your responsive paid theme but need to prove it before i go ahead. we develop sites for clients so hopefully I have not done anyhting toally stupid, but famous last words. Here in the uk so an answer as and when you can much appreciated.
Thanks again Amanda

2 Answers
Ryan Dozier
answered 10 years ago

Try resetting your permalinks from the Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks. Switch to any other link structure and then save it. Then switch back to your original. 
This worked for me when I first installed the plugin.

amanda moore
replied 10 years ago

Thanks just got back to take a looksee here, will try that and cheers @ Ryan @ Dominic. will test on a test setup in next few days. Much appreciate your input, cheers.

Peter Kegels
replied 10 years ago

Thanks Ryan Dozier. That is working well.

Bruce Reyes-Chow
replied 10 years ago

That worked for me as well. Has the problem cropped by up for anyone?

answered 10 years ago

@ Ryan ! Thanks mate. That was actually our suggestion for this case also. @Amanda When you use the DW Q&A plugin, it generates a 404 page. To resolve the issue, You can log in to Dashboard > Settings >  Permalinks.
See the screenshot: 
If you still face the issue, You can send me username & password of your site for further checking (via private answer). hope this helps !

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