asked 6 years ago

Hello!  I am working on an issue for a site with your plugin. I am at version 1.5.4
It seems that the Answer Notifications for the Admin are not being sent or forwarded.
I tested it out, and what happens is that when an answer is submitted to a question, the notification only goes to the one who created the question, and no copy to the admin email is forwarded,

Moreover, it seems that template that gets sent to the one who created the question, is using the template indicated for the admin. See screenshots below for review: 

Template set for Follower/One who created the question:

Template set for admin: 

Email sent to the one who created the question:
Admin forward email: 

and as stated, no email is forwarded to the admin email set for “Answers”.
The question notifications work, only the one for answers is broken.

Hopefully you can help with this? Thank you!

1 Answers
answered 6 years ago

Yes, we are checking this issue, we will update in the next version of the plugin and release it as soon as possible. 

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