Anclan Quebro
asked 9 years ago
  1. Sorry, but I’m having an issue with your plugin (…that I find great!).
    First, I think that the tabs "Need answer", "Answered", "Resolved", "Closed" and "Open" are not working correctly. For example, when a subscriber clicks on "Open", it shows all the tickets (even the closed ones).
    Clicking on "Need answer" and "Answered", only few tickets appear, but not those ones that really need answer or have already an answer. Is there any reason for that?
    I read you guide:
    and it says: Need Answer: Questions which do not have any answer yet or questions which have new comments.
    But I do see questions with answers! πŸ™
    Please, help. (ps: It would be great to have a layout like this one, too)

  2. I added the shortcode [dwqa-question-followers] on a the widget.
    For some reason, it only diplays: "erson who is following this question". Where is the "P" and how do I add it? πŸ™‚

thanks so much!

2 Answers
answered 9 years ago


  1. You can try this to fix this problem : open Inc/filter.php: go to Line 400
    in case replied you add this :
$args['meta_query'][] = array(
     'key' => '_dwqa_status',
     'value' => array( 'answered' ),
     'compare' => 'IN',
  1. You can open the \plugins\dw-question-answer\inc\shortcodes.php file, find the line 192 and replace with the following code:
    printf( _n( 'persion who is following this question', 'people who are following this question', $count, 'dwqa' ), $count );
    Hope this helps !
Anclan Quebro
answered 9 years ago

Thank so you so much for your answer!

  1. By adding this:
    $args[‘meta_query’][] = array(
    ‘key’ => ‘_dwqa_status’,
    ‘value’ => array( ‘answered’ ),
    ‘compare’ => ‘IN’,

it only seems working with the answered questions, but NOT with the open/need answer questions posted by an admin! πŸ™ How come?
Do you have another solution for that? PLEASE!

Few more quick questions:

  1. Any changes to add a tab that includes both NEED ANSWER and ANSWERED together? (as OPEN questions?)

  2. Why CLOSED question cannot be RESOLVED as well?

  3. Instead of being ALL the default tab, how do I set up OPEN tab as default?

I know, too many questions..but I really hope you can answer!

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