Ralph Muselman
asked 3 weeks ago

Since the last update to the DW focus theme, our WordPress site (at kttn.com) has become very slow once an administrator or contributor is logged in.  The site is fine when a regular user visits the site. The site used to post articles in 10 to 15 seconds, where now, the site still works fine, but clicking “Publish” causes the site to take anywhere from 30 to as long as 60 seconds to publish an article.  It also takes a very long time to get to the actual editor, at times,

We also have an issue when clicking “New > Blog Post” to bring up the actual editor.  Below the headline text box, there now appear two options. One is to “Format Video” and the other is “Format Gallery.”  These options did not appear here prior to the last update.  Attempting to move them down below the actual text box for an article fails to keep them there once they are moved as they always re-appear below the headline text box the next time I click “New > Blog Post.” As you can see in the screenshot, the arrows to the right of Format Video and Format Gallery do not appear correctly, but just as small square when they should be arrows to expand the option.  Can you please check this out and see if it can be corrected?

Thank You
Randall Mann

You can see a screenshot of the options in the editor here: 

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answered 3 weeks ago

We have fixed the issue about the video and Gallery format. We will release it as soon as possible.
About the load site, you can send me the username & password of your site for further checking.

Ralph Muselman
answered 2 weeks ago

Most of our issues are now resolved with the exception of the “Format video” and “Format Gallery” still appearing above the text box when adding a new post.  With the last update to the DW Focus theme, we are getting an issue in site health, that indicates it is a high priority issue dealing with performance.  It must have started with the update to 1.3.7 of the original DW Focus theme.

Can you please assist?

The screen capture of it is at the link below


Ralph Muselman
answered 2 weeks ago

Thank You!

answered 2 weeks ago

I have fixed the format box to show under the content box in the add new post and Site health issue.
About the Error log, it’s some issue when I have cleared the cache in your site. I think it’s fine and doesn’t worry about it.

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