asked 10 years ago

Hello guys,
i have an issue with the loading function. If i insert so much articles, that there is the loading function active,
my lightbox plugin doesnt work at all on pictures or picture gallerys.
I tested some lightbox plugins and cant find a working one.
The lightbox plugin works on the pictures on the articels which are displayed when im opening the site. But the lightbox plugin doesnt work
on the pictures in the artices which are newly loaded.
Ive tested these plugins:
jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries
Responsive Lightbox
Hope you can help me.

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hello Simoptimtheme !
 – At the moment DW Timeline does not yet support Lightbox, we will discuss about this issue in the next version.
– Regarding Loading function, if your theme has a lot of articles then when you scroll down and the loading function will work to load more posts.
Hope this helps !

replied 10 years ago

Thanks Dominic

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