Yashar Azarsaeid
asked 10 years ago

I have a problem when users are not logged in before sending question. i changed my login and sign up page address cause of security. now when a user is not logged in, then link under question pages are invalid and vill go to 404 page. what can i do???

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Firstly, please go to bakend settings of DW Q&A plugin (Dashboard >> Q&A >> Settings) to check a function named Review Question.
If Review Question has already checked,  anonymous users can not view their own questions after posting because the questions are being waited for approving by admin.

Yashar Azarsaeid
replied 10 years ago

this is not checked. my problem is about login to worpress by Q&A form when you are not logged in. it pass the information to wp-login when i changed this address in .htaccess

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