Nico Pagel
asked 7 years ago
4 Answers
answered 7 years ago

Hi Nico,
Our initial idea is to make DWQA plugin for quick, comfortable and easy to submit their questions. Some fields ( like category, tags or details ) was become an optional field to improve speed of QA flow.
Again, nice suggestion, we are moving toward the idea that all the settings of DWQA can be changed and edited ( like a field can be required or not required ), meaning you have total control over how the plugin works and functions.
Thanks Nico.

Xavier de Ponk
answered 6 years ago

@rambu I am trying to reply to your answer but it doesn’t seem to work on the iPad, meaning that when I tap into the ‘write a reply…’ box, nothing happens.
I think it’s great that you ad working towards people having as much control over how the plugin works because I can see many different user cases other than simple Q&A. 
We are working on a project that will require two different sets of users: requesters & providers.

answered 6 years ago

Hi Xavier !
Thanks for your feedback. We will check and fix the issue on the Ipad as son as.

Daniel Weller
answered 6 years ago

I just asked a similar question and got a reply showing how to make the tag field required. Follow 2. in the answer by Dominic. 

Will you allow customization of plugin?

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