asked 11 years ago

Can I make the ‘View Our Works’ button scroll downward, instead of opening a new page?

Hi – I’d like to make that main ‘View Our Works’ button scroll down the page (just like the arrow does) rather open a separate web page.  Is there a way to do this?  I’d rather not open a separate web page, but rather scroll to one of the section on the same page as the top menu navigation does.  That navigation is so elegant, I don’t want people to navigate any other way.

Thanks for your help!

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answered 11 years ago

Hi there,
To make the ‘View Our Works’ button scroll downward:
– instead of opening a new page, you can log in to Dashbaoard > Pages > Home
– select the frame “Text” and change your link to the page you want.
see the screenshot:

Hope this helps,

replied 11 years ago

Hi – This doesn’t do it unfortunately. I’d like for the page to scroll down just like it does when you click the ‘Portfolio’ button on the top navigation menu or the arrow on the top home page section. This scrolling navigation is one of the most attractive features. I probably need to copy the code used for this navigation from the top menu and place it behind the ‘View Our Works’ button – but don’t know where it is or exactly how to do that. If you can point me to it, I’ll figure it out. Thanks!

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