Jack Awesome
asked 6 years ago

Man when are you making it so Danish is a supported language, been over alot of the FAQ plugins, but non this simple and nice, no registation needed to ask a question and so on, So i vote with a BIG FAT YES you need to support danish language, It’s a freaking sweet little plugin…

Sooooo! when you gonna fix that?  Today? tomorrow? the day after that? or next week? xD

Sincerly yours Jack who love The DWQA plugin, but not on english or any other language beside Danish, We want Danish yea!

1 Answers
answered 6 years ago

We have provided a language file for the Danish language now, you can download the file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/digio58nqwsyb7w/dwqa.pot?dl=0
You can help us check the grammar and send me the files when you finish, we will update the language in the next version. 

replied 6 years ago

Sweet i was about to ask for it since i just noticed that the strings on loco was only like 350 400, and im so annoyed over i didnt check the strings before i ended up with, doing around 600 strings for wpforo forum, tought that since it was arund the 55% would be faster -.- but i havent done the poediting but i guess its like the string with loco translate
But i guess ill get back when i’m done.. so much time i could have saved there..

replied 6 years ago

But i have to say when i’m reading some of these questions, i feel like a 100% fit for danish or more the app and how people read it, its not 100% correct since its for the topics and buttons and so on, so when i do it like this its hard to see what its for, but its gonna be usable and correct translated, but more its correct translated, but a 100% fit for the plugin as a danish person normally would write and stable the setup, but its fine just wanted to tell you that, i dont know if you know any other languages but if you do, then you have properly noticed that some of the sentences if you translate them it does not fit what its used for in another country 100% i guess you catch my drift..

replied 6 years ago

man if you see this before im done is it id as ID or Missing id of answer ??

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