amin rafat
asked 9 years ago

(first of all,thank you for your plugin and sorry for my weak english writing skill(i’m persian))
I have many question: can change “Archive page show at most” number without error?i change default 5 to 50.and when in “Question List Page”(still show 5 question) i click to page 2 i get 404 page.(when it’s 5 everything is ok)
2.about “Question List Page”
my Question List Page is “آرشیو-سوالات/”.
but it show my home page!
when i clear my browser cache it’s ok.but after opening some question and go to home and etc .when i click my Question List Page in home page upper list it’s show my home page again!(but in my address bar show that this page is my Question List Page address) 🙁
how can change some translations or translate some words that not translate to my language(farsi)?
4.question time
my question time is correct in above of post but it’s “1970-01-01″ in downچرا-امامت-از-نسل-امام-حسن-مجتبیعلیه-الس/
it’s ” ۲۵,دی,۱۳۹۳” in above(persian calendar) thats correct
but in down “1970-01-01”!!!
how can i change most popular and recent question number that show in my home page(
i change it to 10,15 and etc but still show 5 question!
5.(i’m newbie)how(and where) i can change plugin codes if i want?
6.when is your next DWQA plugin upgrade?(i think last one was 6 month ago)
thank you again

amin rafat
replied 9 years ago

i think if i direct go to question list page,everything is ok but if i go to that page from other pages(home page or question page or etc)it’s show my home page instead of question list page.

3 Answers
amin rafat
answered 9 years ago


amin rafat
answered 9 years ago

hello again
anyone can’t help me?
I want to have a Question and Answer Site and if this plugin don’t work correctly, my site is a rubbish.
Please Help Me to solve my problems(most important is No2(2.about “Question List Page”)
Thank you all

answered 9 years ago

1. I think the number of question less 50 question. Please check again then let us know if you still face there issue.
2. I think you have confused between the pages, you can send me username & password of your site (via private answer) for further checking.
3. Please tell me detail about the position that you want to translate, I will help you resolve it.
4. To resolve this issue, you can change the Date format in the Dashboard > Settings > General Settings then change timezone & Date format.
5. I have checked on our demo and still work fine, you can send me username & password of your site (via private answer) for further checking.
6. If you want to change the code (custom) our plugin, you can find the file in the folder path “\wp-content\plugins\dw-question-answer”
7. It’s difficult to let you know exactly when we totally update our plugin. Please stay tuned. We will check, fix bugs and update as soon as possible.

amin rafat
replied 9 years ago’s ok.but i think it still has a little first time you visit question list page,you see still 5 question and when click on page 2,you see 10 question list.if you click 1 button you see first 10 question(5 was in first time).i think if a user go to question list and click in page two lose 5 question(if you change “at most number” to N.user can’t see N-5 question that listed in page 1 but not in first time view.2.i send you my password3.i translate some words and change some.i replace my files in language folder but no changes at all:(my files: want to change anonymous that translated to “مخفی” to be “کاربر ناشناس”(i change it at plugin php manually(that i think not correct work))and translate “ago” (in recent question list and …)to “پیش” which format?my persian calendar is correct but dwqa is 10-10-1970!!5.i send(but can u work with persian wordpress?)problem+:please add user that ask question to “popular question” widget.(“recent question” widget has that but popular widget is incomplete and end with “ask by……”.by who?)THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH

Dominic Staff
replied 9 years ago

1. I have checked your site I think this issue is due cache, you can clear cache then check again.2. At the moment, our plugin already exists the dwqa-fa_IR.po &, you just need open the wp-config.php file then find/ replace line 72 with new code:define(‘WPLANG’, ‘fa_IR’);3. Regarding widget issue, please send me your FTP, I will check and help you resolve it.

amin rafat
replied 9 years ago clear caches?2.yes,i edit them and uplead it to language folder(instead of your files).but no changes occured and still show translation that was befor edit files.(my plugin is tranlated version but i want to change some word translation and add some words that not translated)thank you for your supports

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