asked 11 years ago

on my website I will have a Category like Gaming, with a sub category of Warmachine, and then under that a couple other sub categories.

When I make a Menu and have a Sub Category ie:

Warmachine       Faction 1
Faction 2

on the menu area for the site I will wee GAMING and then the warmachine category when i hover over gaming. but when i go to hover over the warmachine where the down triangle shows there are more sub categories nothing shows up.

is there a way to fix this?

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answered 11 years ago

Hello Lucas !

To resolve this problem you can open the header.php file / line 115 and remove the code

 “'depth'           => 2,” 

see the screenshot:

Next, you log in to Dashboard > Theme > Customize. Add the following code:


@media ( min-width: 980px ) {

    /* main nav level 3 */

    .navbar .nav > .menu-parent-item > .sub-menu {

       clip: rect(0,1000px,0,0);


    .navbar .nav .menu-parent-item:hover > .sub-menu {

       overflow: visible;

       transition: clip 1s, max-height 0s;

       -o-transition: clip 1s, max-height 0s;

       -moz-transition: clip 1s, max-height 0s;

       -webkit-transition: clip 1s, max-height 0s;


    .navbar .nav > .menu-parent-item:hover > .sub-menu {

       clip: rect(0,1000px,1000px,0);


    .navbar .nav .sub-menu .menu-parent-item > .sub-menu  {

       clip: rect(0,0,1000px,0);


    .navbar .nav .sub-menu .menu-parent-item:hover > .sub-menu {

       clip: rect(0,1000px,1000px,0);


    .navbar .nav .sub-menu .sub-menu {

       width: 150px;

       background: #fff;

       left: 150px;

       top: -11px;

       position: absolute;


    /* hide sub menu level 3 in mega menu */

    .sub-mega-wrap .sub-menu .sub-menu,

    .sub-mega-wrap .menu-parent-item > a:after {

       display: none;




Hope this help.


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