Jon Dufort
asked 10 years ago

Also clicking on titles of the other slides doesn’t take you to that slide. Also mega menu navigation displays stories within subcategories for the first subcategory, but rolling over the other subcategories doesn’t show stories within those subcategories

Jon Dufort
replied 10 years ago

Time seems to cure this problem. It has happened a few times and then 20 minutes later everything is working properly again. Any idea as to what is causing?

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

– To make the title when click will link into single post, you can open thecustom.js file in the folder path “dw-focus>/assets/js/custom.js”. Find the line 34, remove the following code:

   // Slide controls

   $('.news-slider .other-entry li').on('click',function(e){


       var t = $(this);

       t.closest('.news-slider').find('.carousel').carousel( t.find('a').data('slice') );


– Open the dw-focus-slider.php file in the folder path “dw-focus>/inc/widgets/dw-focus-slider.php” find the line 142, replace the following code:

<h2><a data-slice="<?php echo $i; ?>" href="#top-store-<?php the_ID(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2>

With new code:

<h2><a data-slice="<?php echo $i; ?>" href="<?php echo the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2>

Then Find the line 83, replace the following code:

<?php the_post_thumbnail('slider-thumb');  ?>

With new code:

<?php echo '<a target="_blank" href="'.get_permalink().'">'.get_the_post_thumbnail( get_the_ID(), 'slider-thumb' ).'</a>'; ?>

– Also, you can tell me detail about your issue, you can send me your site & a screenshot for further checking.
Hope this helps !

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