asked 5 years ago

I just bought the plugin and I have several difficulties:

  • What is the point of the Markdown editor? It’s supposed to be an addon that provides functionality, except when I enable it, the editing possibilities are reduced?

  • There are several texts that cannot be translated with loco, as they are not detected: “How” in Comment or for example in the counter information on the issue.

  • How can I easily use the mentions? because I may have activated the features, I can’t find who refers to them.

  • How to have the mention “Staff” next to the speudo of the person who answers?


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Code Cat
answered 5 years ago

I agree, the markdown editor is limited, but it looks better than the normal editor.

Code Cat
answered 5 years ago

The markdown editor is actually outpost to be a simple, limited editor. It is for users that don’t want to have to code just to ask a question and don’t have the technical experience to deal with the normal editor.

answered 5 years ago

1/ Yes, If you want to translate, you can create the dwqa-templates folder in your theme folder and go to the wp-content/plugins/dw-question-answer-pro/templates/styles/default then copy/paste the following files into the dwqa-templates folder
– archive-question-filter.php
– content-question.php

Then find the “Add another file” string in the inc/Uploads.php line 179
2/ With the mentioned user, you can use “@username”
3/ At the moment, the plugin just support to show the “staff” for the admin.

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