Andrew bunkell
asked 10 years ago

Hi Guys,
I have just installed DW page, and I wish to create a site from scratch rather than use quick start files.
I’ve created a few pages, the pages appear in the menu with no problems but when I click on the menu link, nothing happens. Is it not possible to create a fully customized site, with different pages etc? or are we stuck with sites that basically have to be slightly edited versions of the demo site?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Andrew bunkell
replied 10 years ago

Nearly 24 hours in and no support replies.
The review I’ll be writing about Design Wall doesn’t look hopeful.

3 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Andrew !
Sorry for the delayed reply!
Based on your issue description, it’s hard for us to imagine how it looks like. 
We have here a userguide on how to install the theme from scratch using theme file: If possible, could you double check the installation steps.
Or could you please provide us your site URL and screenshot of issue for further checking? 

Andrew bunkell
answered 10 years ago

Thanks for the reply. Okay, here is my issue.
I have installed the theme, on a multi-site installation.
NOT the quick start, just the theme.
I have created 5 pages, I have edited the menu so that all 5 pages appear in the menu.
When I click on ANY of the menu items, nothing happens. It doesn’t scroll anywhere.
Also none of the pages/content is loaded into the ‘home’ page.
here is a link to a screen grab of the page.

I did have a look at and it was of NO use, the guide is for simply editing an installation that has been setup using the quick start installation. How about some documentation for those of us that create completely customized sites?
Before you ask, no I can’t give you access to the site as I have a lot of other sites being managed on that installation.
Looking forward to hearing from you again.

answered 10 years ago

Hello Andrew !
I think you have missed the content and class in the menu section. To create a page as our demo, please do as the following:
Step1: Log in to Dashboard > Pages > Add new. Eg:
+ Home (Content:
+ Introducing (Content: )
+ Our Portfolio (Content: [onepage_projects] )
– Add posts in the Project setion
+ Happy Clients (Content: [onepage_testimonials]  [onepage_clients])
– Please Add the Client & Testimonials.
+ Get in Touch (Content: )
+ Team (Content:
+ Landing page (Content:
– In the Page Attributes pane on the right hand side, select the template as Landing Page 
+ 404 page (Content: )
–  In the Page Attributes pane on the right hand side, select the template as 404 + Blog
– Please Add new posts then select category for each post.
– Move through Pages > Add new (Blog), then click the Blog icon on the mceToolbar then select the category that you want to display in the Blog page.
Notice: Paste the content into Text frame.
Step2: After adding all the pages, you can move through Menu > Select the page and press the “Add to Menu” button.
Step3: Add the class for each page                   
+ Home:  home hidden-title header style-1                   
+ Introducing:  introducing                   
+ Our Portfolio: portfolio style-1                   
+ Happy Clients: clients style-2                   
+ Get in Touch: contact style-1 style-solid-1                   
+Team: clients style-2                   
+ Blog:  style-1 blog
See the screenshot:
Hope this helps !

Andrew bunkell
replied 10 years ago

Still nothing. the javascript scroll isn’t working, and the content isn’t being loaded into the home page.

Andrew bunkell
replied 10 years ago

ok working now. cheers.

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