Malaka Sanjaya
asked 10 years ago

I tested this plugin with free hosting site and I have several problems of new user registration.
In ask question page "You need an account to submit question and get answers. Create one:" is not working no any submit button and "also Already a member? [Log In]()" and "Not yet a member? <a title="Register">Register"<a title="Register"> not working correctly.
In single question answering page there is no option to register only area to log in.
Please help me to resolve these problems.

2 Answers
answered 10 years ago

Hi Malaka !
To resolve this issue you can log in to Dashboard > Q&A plugin > Settings > Permission, then change the permission here:
See the screenshot:

novian rochman
replied 10 years ago

I have the same problem with my blog … I already follow the permission setting above, and still did not show up. Please help me to resolve these problems.

Dominic Staff
replied 10 years ago

you can send me username & password of your site ( via private answer) for further checking.

answered 10 years ago

Thanks for your additional info!
I have just gone to take a look at your site and see that everything still goes right without any issue. May you mistake here?
Regarding the Login & Register section, there is no login/register button as you mentioned. If your subscribers want to log in while they ask a new question, just enter enough info including their username and password, then simply hit ” Ask Question” button at the bottom, they will be automatically logged in to the system right after submitting the question.
For the register section, of course, like the login function, enter info for the question and email, username and will be automatically logged in to the site.
Please note that, if you register with this way, an email with your username and password will be sent to your mail box by WordPress, you need to check the email to get it.
See the screenshot:
2. I have accessed on your site and your site loads fine, nothing happens. Please check again. In case the issue persists, let us know with a screenshot for further checking.

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