Murat Tekmen
asked 7 years ago

Two days passed since i am not getting any help and in this two days i spend around 200$ for VDS’s. I thought they have responsibility in this problem but they are not. It’s all about the theme (DW Focus)

Please reply my e-mail ( 🙁

1 Answers
answered 7 years ago

Hi Murat,

I try to upload the image, set it as the featured image, then insert as inline image, gallery.
I see that everything was going along just fine ( however, it is a bit slow).  Please check the following link to know more information.
(This post is privated, so you must be logged in to see).
I understand your difficulties that you are facing. Howerver, you send it to me ọn break time, so we can not support you in on time. Please calm down  and we are willing to support better in the future. Please feel free to contact us if needed.


Murat Tekmen
replied 7 years ago

Hey Dominic, thank you for the investigating. By the way the new theme looking fantastic. 🙂

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