Ian Douglas
asked 11 years ago

Fabulous theme, and I’d be a customer if only for one thing: I wish that individual category pages could have a layout rather like the front page. Mixed up a little, with different, more interesting renderings of the posts. Like sections in a news site. If you could implement this in an update, I’m a buyer.

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

Hi Ian, 
Thanks for your interest in our theme DW Focus.
We appreciate your suggestion for the product. We will think about it, however at the moment we cannot provide such update for the theme as what you have mentioned will totally change the layout of the theme, and look like a new theme.
Hope for your understanding here!

Ian Douglas
replied 11 years ago

Thanks for the answer. But not really. I’m talking about having the inside pages (category returns) look like the frontpage. I don’t know why, but nearly all WP news/magazine themes have this problem. The frontpage looks great, but the inside pages (category returns) look like a blog!

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