asked 9 years ago

Hey team! I’m using DWFocus on my blog and after upgrading it to version 1.5 to be compatible with WordPress 3.8, it did resolve some of the issues I had with some widgets., but now there are new problems. I’ve noticed a bunch of the DW widgets don’t fuction well. In particular, on my home page I have the DW Tab widget, I can’t add any new widget into it (whether it’s a DW one or not), it sends me to an error page when I try to save the widget. Also, I can’t change the settings on any existing DW widget. Not sure what’s causing the issues.
As for the DW Q&A plugin, It not longer fits fullwidth on my blog site.

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answered 9 years ago

–  Widget tab:
We have checked DW Focus version 1.0.5 on our site and did not see the issue as you mentioned. Please send me your FTP account for further checking (via private answer)

– DW Q&A 
We have resolved your issues. Please check your site again.


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