asked 11 years ago

Hey team! I’m using DWFocus on my blog and after upgrading it to version 1.5 to be compatible with WordPress 3.8, it did resolve some of the issues I had with some widgets., but now there are new problems. I’ve noticed a bunch of the DW widgets don’t fuction well. In particular, on my home page I have the DW Tab widget, I can’t add any new widget into it (whether it’s a DW one or not), it sends me to an error page when I try to save the widget. Also, I can’t change the settings on any existing DW widget. Not sure what’s causing the issues.
As for the DW Q&A plugin, It not longer fits fullwidth on my blog site.

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answered 11 years ago

–  Widget tab:
We have checked DW Focus version 1.0.5 on our site and did not see the issue as you mentioned. Please send me your FTP account for further checking (via private answer)

– DW Q&A 
We have resolved your issues. Please check your site again.


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