asked 8 years ago

I have checked with P3 Profiler and to my surprise the DWQA plugin is shown as a champion taking 28% of the website time. 28% is HUGE and i have only 3 questions and 3 answers. And my server is ok, not loaded and working great.
Why is that ?
What will happen with 1000 questions for example ?

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Don’t worry, we have been using our DW Q&A plugin with thousands of questions and that doesn’t affect on our loading speech of the site.
Plus, you can install some plugins to support the loading time such as W3 Total Cache.

replied 8 years ago

You didn’t reply to my question.Also NO caching is working with your plugin, so why you suggest caching ? I had to exclude the DWQA pages.

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