Can’t change language on 1.3.4
ResolvedDominic answered 8 years ago • 
1933 views1 answers0 votes
Demo Content Doesn’t Show Correctly
ResolvedRyan Rindar answered 8 years ago • 
1647 views3 answers0 votes
Missing query var when click on show more?
ResolvedAntónio Torres answered 8 years ago • 
3428 views2 answers0 votes
I want to add more social links to tab bar??
ResolvedDominic answered 9 years ago • 
2079 views1 answers0 votes
Wall Press Moving items in the header
2290 views3 answers0 votes
Blank page after installing.
ResolvedDominic answered 8 years ago • 
1625 views1 answers0 votes
Child theme
Resolvededdiejanzer asked 11 years ago • 
2588 views0 answers0 votes
Removing the header line
ResolvedDominic answered 11 years ago • 
2622 views5 answers0 votes
How to switch to full website from mobile on a phone?
ResolvedLucas answered 11 years ago • 
2134 views3 answers0 votes
Disable Sticky Styling
ResolvedDominic answered 8 years ago • 
2731 views1 answers0 votes
How do I remove the count on the Sharing?
ResolvedViet Tani answered 8 years ago • 
1788 views5 answers0 votes
DWFocus fails to upload to Word Press 3.5
ResolvedJin answered 11 years ago • 
2631 views5 answers1 votes
Documentation on Custom Fields used (WallPin)
ResolvedJennifer N answered 11 years ago • 
1777 views2 answers0 votes
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