Josiah Wallingford
asked 9 years ago

My users are not able to view questions or post questions. When the user goes to the main questions page they get this error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/brink/public_html/wp-content/plugins/press-permit-core/pp_main.php on line 173

I have checked press permit and the users have all permissions for the questions and answers pages enabled. I have also tried disabling press permit and the guest still cannot view the questions.
My members do belong to a custom user role. I believe I had read that the issue with custom user roles would be resolved in the last update. I do have the latest version.
Thank you,

Valon Krasniqi
replied 9 years ago

hi there, i have a little problem with permissions settings / after that I stopped the possibility to give Answers from subscribers / some time thay can post answer too i dont know how to fix it. can u help me . 🙂 thanks

3 Answers
answered 9 years ago

@josiah ,
At the moment DW Question & Answer plugin only supports default roles of WordPress, so please set your user to default roles. We will update to make plugin work with another role in newer version of plugin.

replied 9 years ago

ok thankyou pls can you answer for my private questions

Marco Mark
answered 9 years ago

Had the same problem, until the update is released, there is a third-party plugin called “WPFront User Role Editor” which can be used to manually assign the permissions to custom roles. Hope that helps.

answered 9 years ago

Thanks for your help @gasworld !

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