Tony Hayes
asked 8 years ago

Just in case you didn’t already know, DW Q&A conflicts with NoSpamNX plugin.

Did not notice it as first but then comments broke and this is what I tracked it down to.

I believe NoSpamNX duplicates the comment form and thus breaks the DW Q&A javascript, returning a "no content" error on Q&A comments when NoSpamNX is active. No big deal, other anti-spam plugins abound, so I doubt there is any point trying to get them to work together.

oops, there is no question here… hmmmm… well, curious which anti-spam plugin do you use or recommend for use with DesignWall Q&A?

thanks, lovin DW Q&A.

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

I know what you want. However, our plugin does not fully compatible with NoSpamNX plugin. It conflict with this plugin.
We are trying to prevent spam on a site through DW Question Answer. At the moment you can enable Recaptcha of DWQA by going to the Dashboard > DWQA > Settings. You can delete question by going to this question and click on the dropdown below question title then choose delete.
Also, You can get this extension to use Google reCaptcha on your website:
Hope this helps!

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