An Nguyen
asked 9 years ago

Hey friends,

Would love to show you a preview of our upcoming WordPress Corporate Business theme.

Here is the full screen concept.

Our team strives to create modern, good-looking theme, with focus on simplicity and loaded content blocks that can help create engaging business site flexibly. Here’re a few content blocks that we are working on:

  • Hero (Slider)
  • Features
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Testimonials
  • Client
  • Call To Action
  • Team Members
  • Video
  • Contact
  • And more to come

Please let us know your thoughts.

Thanks, An Nguyen

replied 9 years ago

Our team is working hard to wrap the first beta of DW Folio this friday.

If corporate / business theme is a category of your interest, or you are in need of any specific feature for your project, just leave comment below. We will take your inputs into consideration, and there’ll be high chance your feature(s) will be added in our stable release.

3 Answers
answered 9 years ago

The concept looks good. A little "more of the same" maybe, many themes like this one are already available. Some basic Woocommerce support would be great!

replied 9 years ago

Thanks @jekrikken, there’re some re-works in the homepage, so the final theme you might see with a bit difference (and that’s why we’re behind the planned release date now).
DW Folio is woo-commerce compatible also.

An Nguyen
answered 9 years ago

Update: Just want to update you guys that the first beta release for the DW Folio theme has been delayed.

Our graphic team proposed changes to a few layout blocks which cause the modification of the current code base. To avoid possible constraints that two different versions of a theme can cause to you, our team decide to postpone the release of DW Folio, until we finish all the tweaks mentioned.

Really sorry for this unexpected circumstance.

Thanks, An Nguyen

An Nguyen
answered 9 years ago

Update #2: While awaiting for the DW Folio which is now still in progress, our team pushed ahead another Magazine News theme – DW Magz. You can find features in brief and check out demo here: DW Magz.

PS. If you have any feedbacks or feature request, do let us know by leaving your comment here. Many thanks.

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