Kyriacos Hadjisoteriou
asked 10 years ago

I have managed to use shortcodes [dwqa-submit-question-form] and [dwqa-list-questions] in two pages of my website intended for this functinality.  The pages display correctly, i.e, both form and list display below my text.  However, It works only if I keep DW Q&A Settings for “Question List Page” and “Ask Question Page” directing to other webpages.  This of cource means that the ‘Ask a Question’ button on the list page produces a 404 error (it directs to a page other than the actual ‘ask a question’ page.
If I try to change DW Q&A settings (Question List Page and Ask Question Page) to link to the correct pages, my text in the two pages does not display anymore and the pages appear as though I did not use the shortcode to accommodate for text in these two pages.  I have spent hours trying to figure out a way to overcome this but with no success.

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