Andrea Ingrassia
asked 8 years ago

I have to resolve two big problems: the first one is about the cover image. I’m using a small size cover image (5MB) but at the first loading the cover image don’t work. So I have to refresh the page to see the cover image. This thing happens on all device. The second problems is about the sidebar on the left side of the page: when the cover image is activated the sidebar icon don’t work in the home page and I cannot show it (logo, social links , about me ecc.). If I am in an other page created by me I can use that icon. I would like to enable in the home page also. 10Q

Andrea Ingrassia
replied 8 years ago

Sorry I understood that the problem about sidebar icon is resolved if I use a static front page but I wanna use “last posts” front page sorry.

2 Answers
Andrea Ingrassia
answered 8 years ago

Sidebar problem was about safari, It’s work well with others browser…I’m trying to fix it now, I don’t know why however.  The problem of the cover image, very very slow to load, remains…I’m waiting for your help. 10Q 

answered 8 years ago

Apologies for the delay in replying to you. To resolve the issue with the cover image on your theme, I think you should use the image size 1000x800px,  or 1600x1050px.
If you use the image size 1600x 1050px, you can add the following code to the Header code (Dashboard > Customize > Custom Code)

.home .banner.cover, .single .banner.cover, .page .banner.cover {
min-height: 1050px;

Hope this helps !

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