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We purchased Q&A Pro about a week ago. Pagination on the questions page has some problems that I hope you can help me with. When at the question/answer list page, if I’m logged in, the pagination seems to be working ok, but if I’m NOT logged in and go back and forth between page 1 and page 2, I lose the sidebar and the title changes at the top of the page. And if I do it a few times I get “Oops, not found” error page. Behavior is very erratic and URL goes through some strange changes.
It does seem to be working ok when I’m logged in but I expect 99% of visitors to be using this page without being logged in and we don’t want to require that.
Here is my Q&A page (hope it’s stable when you go there): https://ask.nmcomposters.org/all-questions/
Help!! Many thanks.
PS. Don’t know if this gives you any clues, but when I had the Q&A page as the home page, pagination didn’t work even when logged in.  I changed it not to be home page and then pagination started working but only when logged in.

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I have checked your site, you can go to the Dashboard > Questions > Settings and find the line Archive Page Show At Most option then change the number question here.
If you still face their issues, you can send me username & password of your site for further checking. 

answered 7 months ago

Hi Dominic, thanks for getting back to me.  
I have that setting set to 15.  I’ll have lots more questions than that (hundreds) and 15 seems like a good number per page.  The problem is when there are more than 15, when there are pagination links at the bottom of the list, when I go to the next page, either I get a “Page not found” error or else the page is messed up.  It’s not consistent behavior.  Sometimes it happens only after going back and forth a few times.  The URL at the top seems wonky.  Please read my original question for more details.  I do think there is a bug. This only happens when not logged in but I need to allow people to view questions without being logged in.
Help, please!!  

answered 7 months ago

This is really a show-stopper for me.  I’m pretty sure this is a bug in the Q&A Pro plug in.  Please read both of my posts above.  Would appreciate help on this.  Other than that I’ve been able to make a nice Q&A website using Q&A Pro.  (PS.  Right now I’m getting a pretty consistent “Page Not Found” when I try to move on to page 2 at bottom of question list You can see what I mean by going to https://ask.nmcomposters.org/all-questions/, without being logged in.)

answered 6 months ago

Whatever you did fixed the problem!  Many thanks.

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