asked 5 years ago

I am interested in to use D&W, however I have a couple of questions:
1- Profiles: Is it possible to use Q&A without buddypress and still having profiles and notifications about replies?
2- Tags: How many tags a questions can have? Is it possible to assign multiple tags?
3- Tags Shortcode: Is there any shortcode to display questions from a specific tag?
4- Subscribe: How subscribe work? Is it possible to subscribe to receive notifications or e-mails from a tag or a category?

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answered 5 years ago

1/ Yes, in the latest version we have created the profile page in the pro version. 
And the DW Notification to show notify as the Facebook.

2/ you can assign multiple tags.

3/ Yes, we have included this shortcode in the next version, we are checking and testing and will release the next version in this week. 

4/ At the moment, the user can subscribe a question to get all the notification about the new comment, answer about the question, not tags or category.

replied 5 years ago

Thanks! Can I make a new question? is there any feature to select the best answer for a question or report an inappropriate content?

Dominic Staff
replied 5 years ago

The plugin has supported to select the best answer for a question but does not support to report an inappropriate content.

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