asked 5 years ago

I just bought the pro version but have some issue’s:

  • Non-admin people can not answer questions ( example here; https://garlicpressseller.com/ask/testy-3/ ). There is not option to login / sign up / answer question unless I am already logged in as the admin.
  • I can’t find any documentation on where to find the widgets? I want to add the recent questions as a sidebar widget, but can’t find any option for this.
  • I have read on the support forum you can remove the tag field by changing this in style.css:
    .dwqa-question-item .dwqa-question-meta {
    display: none;

    Is there also an option to remove the category field?


1 Answers
answered 5 years ago

1/ You need to configure the permission in the Dashboard > Questions > Settings > Permission tabs.

2/ You can download the document file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fbjllnjlvh9b70w/documentations.zip?dl=0
Also, we have included the document in the full package of the DW Q&A on the Codecanyon.

3/ You can download the following folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h02ecvenw18vdb0/dwqa-templates.zip?dl=0
Then add this folder to your theme folder to customize the question submit form, you can open the question-submit-form.php file in the default folder.

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