Dom Amor
asked 10 years ago

Is there a way to when a user asks a question that it be counted on the WP user list. Useful when someone registers and never post. Easier to find and remove those users. 

Guru Ghantaal
replied 10 years ago

Dear @askmediy

Isn’t this the normal feature. Or you mean, when users only ask a question using the ask-a-question form without actually registering first?

In that case, there are already some issue, you can see the thread here:

Your input would be valued!


1 Answers
Dom Amor
answered 10 years ago

Yeah that’s all good and everything. However if you view a user in the admin users, you’ll notice a column for post. It would be nice to see column reflect a users Q&A post / question. Or even a extra added column. 

replied 10 years ago

Hi @askmediy

There are alot of things that can be and should be incorporated to make it the best out there. I would go a step further, and say that there needs to be an importing tool to import and export question/answers with comments via cvs files. This will allow many out there already using other tools to easily integrate DWQA into their websites.


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