Jacob Bearce
asked 8 years ago

A client of mine is looking at this plugin to replace what they call a "list serve" site. I’ve got a few questions to see if we can match functionality with their current system:

  • Is there any way to allow uploading of images, pdfs, docs, etc? We’d probably want to limit what types of files can be uploaded, for obvious reasons.
  • Is there any way to send out a mass email whenever a new question gets posted? The client wants all members of their site to get an email notification whenever someone posts a new question.


1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Thank for your interesting in our plugin.

  • At the moment, our plugin does not support to allow uploading of pdfs, docs, etc, you can put a download link to go to your file. However, you can insert an images link and it not allow to upload an image from your computer.

  • Yes, you can enable the email notification in the Dashboard > Q&A > Settings > Email tabs.
    Hope this helps!
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