Chase lovoy
asked 9 years ago

I would like to emulate what this site has done with your theme in there drop down catagory menus. So that the most recent content within each category inside the drop down menu is displayed to the right of each option but still within the menu. Here is the link just hover over one of there drop downs. I’m just curious how to emulate this effect

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

@Chase lovoy: hi mate , what you see is a feature of the old version of Dw-Focus, in the previous version < 1.2.0, we have had provided feature to custom the menu of dw-focus like that, but , in new update version 1.2.0+ we remove that feature. The reason we do that is because we are developing a new plugin to create the mega menu for our theme and will be include with our theme package soon. We will make the menu become more easy to customize and has variety or styles for user to custom. We will announce you right in time when the plugin is ready.Hope you will stay tune with us and be ready for it. Thanks

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