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asked 10 years ago

Q&A Plugin:

Long-term when do you intend to have something that builds on DW Q&A plugin so that one can have like a “pseudo forum” (which can simulate the UX of phpBB from within WordPress, while still offering the cleanliness of the DW Q&A plugin).

Since the Q&A UX requires registration, which system is handling the user registration and authentication relative to a DW Focus theme.

What is the best reCAPTCHA implementation that you suggest for the Q&A plugin.

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answered 10 years ago

Hi damilarelana,   We ar growing the DW QA plugin bigger and bigger so we are always adding more new features to DW Q&A. When DWQA’s features are growth and stable enough , you can turn it into a forum style by easy steps. Please stay tuned.

Secondly, we use WordPress’s user database only to manage all users for DW Question & Answer plugin, a bit of difference in UX was made to give user the most comfortable way in process of submitting question.     And regarding your third question, DW Question ANswer are using reCaptcha provided by Google at


replied 10 years ago

thanks for the reply

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