Dimitri Longo
asked 8 years ago

Hello subscriber or custom role still can delete comment, question or answer (own) even if i disable permission in settings, even with plugin User Role Editor. I download latest version on github, still same issue, but maybe it’s normal behavior that user can delete own answer, comment or question. If so, please confirm it, i will find a workaround. Thanks a lot Best regards  

Dimitri Longo
replied 8 years ago

these capabilities are only for other answer, comment or question ?

maybe it’s like ;
delete_others_posts for post so dwqa_can_delete_answer become dwqa_can_delete_other_answer for better understand, like if one day you introduce another capablity in order to avoid delete t’s own answer, comment or question

Best regards

1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

Hi Dimitri, 
Yeb, they can delete their questions, answers or comments in which they are author. We will update the description for settings to make it clear in the next version.

Dimitri Longo
replied 8 years ago

thanks, i find a work around in customizing template, i think for an adminstrator of a website sometime it's better user canot delete question only edit, but it s my opinion.
Beside that very great plugin, i sent you an email about Mycred last week, any news?
Best regards

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