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Hello DesignWall staff!
I would like to ask a few questions about the free version of DWQA:
1) I am a PHP developer and I made some changes in code (for example deleted the “votes” box, because I am using the plugin to do something like “ask our team experts”, and do not want users to vote).
2) I also translated the plugin, because there is not a complete translation in my language. But because I made it as fast as I did not checked the correctness of my translation in all cases and features. Thus, I am not sure about releasing it to the public domain.
Also, some of my translated strings might refer to my use of the plugin (“Ask the expert”-wise).
3) I used a WordPress plugin to change the menu strings and fit them to my use of the plugin (“ask the expert”), it that okay?
(I also did it because it was not possible using localization strings, so the translation could not help, maybe it should be added to future versions?)
Thanks a lot and keep on the good work.

1 Answers
answered 3 years ago

1/ Yes, you can use the CSS to hide it. 
2 + 3 / At the moment, all the language files come from the users/clients helped translate and provide for us. So, some of the language files are not fully. However, you can use some of the translate plugins to translate the DW Q&A plugin. 
Also, some of the string can not translate in the language fill. So, you need to translate it in the template file. We will update it in the feature version. 

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