max u.
asked 10 years ago

when i go to menu and change menu-label of introduction to “info” the white background disappears.. that should not be.. renaming the page has the same effect!

1 Answers
Jackie Lord
answered 10 years ago

Can you tell me which sub-theme of DW Page are you using? So I can have a better check on it.

max u.
replied 10 years ago

hi jackie! thanks for the reply.. the problem was with the christmas sub-page of dw page!
i did a little bit of css research and i found the problem!

here’s the solution – some of you might want to know..:

max u.
replied 10 years ago

when you rename the menu label you have to rename the according IDs in the style.css. so e.g. you want to rename the page “team” to “news” you have to rename the “#team” IDs in style.css to “#news”!

that’s everything.. don’t know if it’s a bug, but that’s the solution.


replied 10 years ago

Yea, the solution is correct, because each section has its own ID in style.css and when change the name, also need to change the ID.

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