Jagadeesh Varati
asked 9 years ago

I saw the DW Argo demo & liked it very much.  I have a few questions before I decide to buy it…
1) Is it possible to integrate with Google Analytics or equivalent to get customer insights?
2) Is it possible to run A/B tests to study customer behavior?
3) Do you have future plans to have better Social Media integration (eg using Facebook ID to like, share, comment, & login using FB)
4) Any plan to merge features from other themes (eg DW Focus) into DW Argo?
Thanks, Jagadeesh

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Hello Jagadeesh ! 
Please find my answers below:
1. Our DW Argo can integrate with Google Analytics. All themes can do it.
2.What do you mean by running A/B tests to study customer behavior? I believe it’s kind of feature from a plugin, not from a theme?
3. Currently, we does not yet plan to have Social login in the DW Argo. However, you can use the plugin to integration Social Media for DW Argo theme.
4. We does not have any plan to merge features from other themes (eg DW Focus) into DW Argo yet. Each theme is unique the way they are.
Hope this helps !  

Jagadeesh Varati
replied 9 years ago

Hi Dominic, thanks…
Good to know on Google Analytics. It was critical bit for me.
I’m not sure at which component A/B tests work. Basically to have two different versions presented to customers to know which one is more appealing
I will check for Social plugins. Let me know if there is any documentation
Thanks for clarifying on the plan. Perhaps I’ll know better once I start using 🙂

muhammad hussain
replied 9 years ago

Dominic i want to know about social share integration like this website please provide plugin or any type of setting step by step.

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