Angelos Kyritsis
asked 8 years ago


I upgraded yesterday to DWQA 1.3.4 and now any page other than the first page won’t load, it’s stuck on loading.

Also, on any question with more than 5 answers, the plugin automatically creates a new answer page, like on this question for example.

I prefer the old way, where all the answers were on a single page, but I can’t find any such option on the settings.

I would appreciate any help



1 Answers
Angelos Kyritsis
answered 8 years ago

Thank you for the answer, BigHug. The 2nd page loading is fixed with the latest version.

But what about the automatic pagination on questions with more than 5 answers? I am forced to use the 1.4.3 answers.php file because there is no option to have all the answers on a single page.

Also, is there a way on the questions here to get notified about the answer? I saw your reply because I visited the page to make a new question.

replied 8 years ago

I meant the 1.3.3 answers.php

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