Kashif Ali
asked 9 years ago

Hi. I have been spending a lot of time getting to know different Q & A plugins and finally settled to use this one. I am very happy with this plugin and would be happy to use it for long time but need help in only one thing. Setting up notifications.

![Notification Screenshot](http://s15.postimg.org/vw68xfde3/Screen_Shot_2015_08_07_at_5_22_23_PM.png "enter image title here")

I have created a website and it is almost complete. Check community.youthtv.net, I want this:

  1. Whenever someone ask new question for (Ask YouthTV), the youthTV should get email and no one should get this email

If above is not possible then

  1. When someone ask question all users should get notification. I wrote {User} in above picture for ‘send to’ would that work?


Rest is good. Great plugin Thanks

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

At the moment, our plugin does not support this feature, unfortunately.

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