Matthew Muldoon
asked 11 years ago

What page template do you use for the store? I’ve been trying to get it to look like in the demo, but with no luck. A good setup guide would be invaluable, or at least an easily imported demo file with xml instead of your current system. These are essential when selling themes.

1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

please send me your mail box and I will send you the file XML.

Hope this helps !


Matthew Muldoon
replied 11 years ago

Sent via contact form.

Adrian Martinez
replied 11 years ago

Hi Dominic, can I get that XML file as well? Ill send you my email vai contact form.

Binary Biscuit
replied 11 years ago

Could you do the same for me please as well 🙂

replied 11 years ago


replied 11 years ago

Hi Dominic could you send it to me as well, thanks

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