asked 4 years ago

I am looking to add the users questions an other related info to a block in Visual composer, most answers here seem very old. Can you please tell me where to find the latest list of short codes and if no profile sc is avaialble, please explain how I can fetch that data… I dont want a full page profile like QAPro, I only want the page content

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answered 4 years ago

At the moment, the Related Question is a widget, if you want to use the Related Question widget into a block in the visual composer, you can use the Widgets block. To select the widget that you have used the DWQA Related Question widget. 
All the shortcode of the plugin here: 
At the moment, the plugin has the following shortcodes:
– List question: [dwqa-list-questions]
– Submit question form: [dwqa-submit-question-form]
– Search form: [dwqa-search-form]
– Submit question for each category: [dwqa-submit-question-form category="catslug"]
– List question by category: [dwqa-list-questions category="question"
This is shortcode for profile page: [dwqa-user-profile]

James Morris
replied 4 years ago

Those must be Pro shortcodes? The profile shortcode didn’t work.
Please comfirm Pro or not?
Thanks. Love the product!

Dominic Staff
replied 4 years ago

Yes, the profile shortcode work for only Pro version.

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