John Ray
asked 8 years ago

Is following possible

  1. After user posts a new question, redirect them back to same “Ask New Question Page” with message saying “Your question has been submitted and is awaiting moderation” and clear out the form for next question submission if needed
1 Answers
answered 8 years ago

@John Ray: hi, at this time , base on the core function of the DW Q&A plug-in, it can’t be like that ( because it’s gonna mess up alot with the code… ), But you can use a tricky way with the redirect after ask question.
For this situation, i can suggest you create a custom page template just like the ask question page, and in there that have the message "Your question has been submitted and is awaiting moderation" ( A Fake ask question page with the message in it ) .After submit question, you can set the redirect after post a new question to that custom page.

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