Travis Hunt
asked 10 years ago

Hi, See my site at I have the latest version of the Fixel theme, and have noticed that the social links (and some others) are linking as “” instead of “”, making them return broken links. I looked around a little online and found someone who said that in some cases it’s because the http:// is being left out, and the site is somehow confused into thinking it’s a relative link within the site rather than an external link. I tested this on one of the links that I made (the one at the bottom of the welcome box), and it DID work after adding the http:// – however, the social links on the top bar are generated via code rather than written by me, so I can’t fix those myself. What’s weird to me is this is not an error that’s duplicated in the demo site for the theme, which should have the exact same code. So, any idea what the problem is? Thanks for any help!    -T

1 Answers
answered 10 years ago

To resolve this issue, you can log in to Dashboard > Customize > Social setting.
see the screenshot:
Hope this helps !

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