Mark M
asked 9 years ago


Is there a way to create sticky posts? For example if a post has the "featured" ribon it stays always on the top row. Or is there a way to make posts sticky on n-th positions (for ex on the 6th post, 12th post, 18th post) So in this way those posts always stay on the same position.

Thank you!

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

@Mark M : yes, wordpress support the sticky post, all you need is go to the back-end,edit a post and then in the publish box , edit the : Visibility and check the box :Stick this post to the front page , the sticky post will always on top row. i try to implement the post to sticky on n-th positions but it kinda broke the infinity scroll, so sorry about that. It’s quite impossible to get it work correcty.

replied 9 years ago

Thanks a lot.

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