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asked 4 years ago

im trying to use the dwqa for a developer site i need to be able to add syntax highlighter on the answer\’s from the users. 
The pre tag is being stripped. I\’m using enlighter plugin.
Which plugin can i use?
2. Do you have a theme that i can use (default) like the one i see on the plugin page (green one)

1 Answers
answered 4 years ago

At the moment, the plugin does not support fully Syntax highlighter in the question and answer box.
The plugin work fine with WordPress simple Editor tool.
Very hare to integrate a third-party plugin to the DW Q&A.
2/ Which the theme are you mentioning here, you can send me a screenshot or URL for further checking.
If you are talking about the theme that we are using for the DesignWall site. We can not publish this theme. However, we can help you custom your theme as custom work with a charge of fee.

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