Roman ivanov
asked 9 years ago

for testing theme i use subdomain new and this code for change boss template:

define( ‘DW_DIR’, ABSPATH.’/wp-content/themes/dw/’);
define(‘TEMPLATEPATH’, ABSPATH.’/wp-content/themes/dw/’);
define(‘STYLESHEETPATH’, ABSPATH.’/wp-content/themes/dw/’);

and this code not work with u template because u use DW_DIR and get_template_directory(),
please replace get_template_directory on DW_DIR.
get_template_directory used mysql opetion path and cant work when i use other template in main.

1 Answers
answered 9 years ago

Well sorry but i just don’t understand what you want ?

but i think get_template_directory() is a function of wordpress and theme developer for wordpress could use that. Otherwise , if you want to use the theme your way ( to use in sub domain ) you need to custom it 🙂

Thanks for you comments, we appreciate and will consider about that issue. Glad.

replied 9 years ago

i have problem with u theme in, u theme use constant DW_DIR and "get_template_directory()". pls replace function on u constant DW_DIR.

replied 9 years ago

Thank you for your advice , we will note this and fix it when we release new version of the theme. At this time pls custom it your way. Glad.

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