Barrie Dack
asked 8 years ago


On your You tube video for using text areas as banners, adverts etc. it says you will supply the script to insert to give it an exact size. I cannot trace this information anywhere on this site. Can you supply please? Thanks

2 Answers
answered 8 years ago

At the moment, we are using the HTML to insert the banner, ads. If you want to use google ads, you can put your script code to the text area. About the size, you can setting while create Ads.

Note: I\’m still vague about your question, if my answer does not resolve your issue, you can let me know detail about your question, you can send me the youtube video and a screenshot for further checking.

Barrie Dack
replied 8 years ago

Here is the link to your video
It is the html that I need. As well as the banner I have a couple of fixed sized text areas that I want to create.
Once I have the basic html, I can work it out from there. Thanks

answered 8 years ago

The code that we are using in the video is the old version. Currently, you can use the following code to add the banner, ads.
<div class="ads-banner"><img src="URL FILE"></div>
You can insert the css to the HTML code:

.ads-banner {
    Your code

<div class="ads-banner">

 <img src="URL FILE">


If you want, you can insert your banner , ads into your site and let me know what do you want to change? I will check and help you.

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