jo james
asked 6 years ago

Hi, I am using your Question and Answers plugin and I would like to change the navigation label. I have tried the ‘Say What’ plugin to change this text but with no success. So two quick questions please:

  1. Am I using the correct text domain: dwqa?
  2. Could this be complicated by the fact that I also use a 3rd party plugin ‘BuddyPress Question Answer’?

Thanks for the help

2 Answers
answered 6 years ago

I know what you want, if you want to change the navigation label, you can open the template.php file then add the following code under line 129.

'prev_text' => __( 'Back', 'textdomain' ),
'next_text' => __( 'Next', 'textdomain' ),

Note: At the moment, you can use the Say What? plugin to change the string, you can change in the .po file. We have added this file to the language folder in the \wp-content\plugins\dw-question-answer folder.

If you have any issue with change the Texts, please let me know, I will help you. Also, Why you purchase the BuddyPress Question Answer while in our document had guide about it. Also, in the latest version we have temporarily disable the buddypress profile section to update, we are planing to create a best profile extension for DW Q&A plugin. We will finish and release it as soon as possible.

jo james
answered 6 years ago

Hi, stupidly I didn’t find your guide until I had already bought the buddypress plugin! However my coding ability is not great and I am already stuck 🙂 If I go to wp-admin > plugins > dw-question-answer, I can find a template folder but not a template.php. Am I in the right place or have I gone wrong?

Ultimately what I am trying (not very successfully) to do is rename the buddypress navigation labels that says ‘Question & Answer’ to read ‘APC Help’

dominic Staff
replied 6 years ago

Please send me username & password of your site for further checking, I will help you resolve it now.

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