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I think it could be since im using stylepress, but i want to make sure and ask, normally is there standing a title or headline above the question? 
and at the same time is it auto with spacing normally? 
if so its fair, i would say it kind of need so one can self adjust the spacing on the answer page as well, but its luckily i’v desided on making my homepage again, since i was checking what is the possibility of making free costume homepages with wordpress for people there wanna make their own site for the first time, and dont have the big money or dont wanna just start paying for stuff like themes, and so if they dont know if they can learn it so i went in to see what is and whats not, stylepress, gives one the possibility to make a totally costume site for free with costume header, but when it comes over to dynamic content, it falls apart, but it gives some learning experience and knowledge , to give away just annoyed that i made my site with stylepress, since it all looked great from the get go, and now im paying in a alot of annoyances..

so it was just what i wanted to know if there is normally a heading or something like that also spacing? 

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At the moment, the plugin will get the style and layout of the theme. So, if you want to show the title, content, you need to custom your theme. 
Your theme needs to include the single.php file, title function…

I saw that you are a beginner with the WordPress. Right? 
In this case very hard to help you with the code. I think you should find more about WordPress here: https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Lessons
Wordpress is very simple and easy to use If you start with a new project. If you have any issue or question, you can contact us via email: [email protected] 
We will discuss about it.
If you want to use a theme on our team, you can let me know the Theme name, we will send you a theme. This is a gift for you. Let me know if you wish. 

replied 5 years ago

thx i needed a place to start yea..

Denny Sukanto
replied 5 years ago

test @dominic

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