asked 3 years ago

The Assign Ticket does not seem to work. It displays on the front end and shows admin users who are able to have the ticket assigned to them. However, when I change the user nothing happens and nothing is updated.
If I then reload the page the assigned user is blank.
How can I activate the assign user plugin so that is sets the assigned user and sends them an email about the ticket?

3 Answers
answered 3 years ago

At the moment, this plugin does not compatible with the latest version of DW Q&A plugin. We are checking and will fix the issues as soon as possible.

answered 2 years ago

We buy the DWQA pro plugin before reading this and we also have this issue with the Ticket assign plugin. Have you fixed that issue since this question 9 months ago ?

answered 2 years ago

Yes, we are checking and fixing this issue. We will release it as soon as possible. Maybe, Tomorrow or next week.
If you want to resolve this issue now, you can send me the username & password of your site, I will help you resolve it.

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