asked 11 years ago

I notice that the logo and featured images are not of the highest quality when displayed on retirna screens. Do you know how I can possibly get around this please?



1 Answers
answered 11 years ago

please send me your site or a screenshot for further checking.
My mamil box: [email protected]

replied 11 years ago

Hi, my site isn’t yet public but you can see this on the Argo demo site. Obviously for retina one needs to upload a logo double the size but when doing this it obviously is too big for the logo space. This is why on most retina ready themes it gives you the option to upload two logos or one larger size logo. Would be great to get this retina ready on an update. Have a look at DW Argo deom page on an iphone5 or an ipad3 and you will see that all images and logo lacks quality.

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